JackUp Barge Built 2009 Sale

JackUp Barge Built 2009 Sale

DP2 JackUp Barge For Sale
Suitable for installment of Wind Turbine less than 5MW
#Jack-Up barge DP2_Wind Turbine installment
Built: 2009, Europe
Class: CCS (Ex. class ABS)
Flag: China
Last SS/DD: 2021
LOA 59.5m
Bredth: 32.2m
Depth: 5.0m
Max working draft: 5.3m (max draft point is the astern thruster, which can be disassembled)
Length of legs: 78.85m
Jack-Up system: 2000mt X 4 @ 1.5m/Min
Crane capacity: 400mt
Aux crane: 10mt
Crawler crane: Nil (can be fixed with additional cost, with capacity of 280mt)
DP system: Konsberg DP2,
4x970Kw Azimuth Thrusters
Speed: abt 4Kn at site
Deck working area: 1080 m2
Accommodation: 52P
Moon pool: 3X600mm
Anchor mooring points: 4

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